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Global Digital Currency Project

Create assets and trade anywhere with Flowcoins Card.
More Than
Bank Cards Distributed
Our Bank is well known and is the leader in this industry. We distribute more than 23754 every year.
Support More Than
We provide valuable cashback amount, with the use of any our credit cards - blue card, green card, or orange card.
Less Than
Instant Trading
Flowcoins provide all sorts of savings plans for different currencies, the highest intrest rates we provide is 25%.

Flowcoins Partners

Service Area
We have offices in many countries, including: United States, England, France, Spain, Singapore, Malaysia and China.
Mobile Banking
Check your account with any devices, we have mobile application and website both ready for you.
Rewards and Incentives
Flowcoins provides all sorts of rewards and incentives..
With Multichain we develop secure blockhain ecosystems.

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Few Words About Us

Flowcoins was founded in year 1999, aims to introduce a new level of financial services on a global scale.

At Flowcoins we have a common goal to help improve financial life by connecting customers and communities with the resources needed to succeed. We are driving growth-helping to create jobs, develop communities, and promote economic mobility; while managing risks and providing customers with returns.




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Latest Statistics

Our bank release finance statistics and data on a fixed basis, which includes local banks statistic, external finance statistic.

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